The difficult second album

Like any aspiring musician, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon understands the need to refine her sound.  Her first album, while not a critical commercial success (some might say this was the fault of her duet partner) captured enough consumer interest for her group to get back in the studio.  Between jam sessions at Holyrood and rap battles in Westminster, she clearly now feels they have enough new material to get on with that second album.

Do you have one with a saltire body?

Under enormous pressure to record a follow up before the hype disappears, La Sturgeon has hinted at a more European theme for this new material.  Whether this will surpass her debut in terms of sales remains to be seen.  The level of secrecy around the new material has both fans and critics feverish with anticipation.  Those on the inside are keeping even the rough detail close to their chests, but one of the Westminster SNP massive has hinted at a 54 strong choral rendition of Beethoven’s Ninth, Fourth Movement.  

While it did go platinum, Sturgeon’s first album left so many questions unanswered that most commentators felt a second album would be a broken Forth Road Bridge too far.  But they reckon without the First Minister’s prodigious talent.  The marketing ahead of the new material’s release suggests the critics will be cleverly sidestepped by simply ignoring them, relying instead on punchy slogans and the flooding of social media with “What you need to know” titbits.  The Nicola Signature Range of merchandise no longer appears on the SNP website, fuelling speculation that a dynamic new range of EU themed SNP merchandise will be launched in support of the second album.  It’s an exciting time if you’re a Sturgeon fan.

Fucking yaldy. Strum for Scotland.

To break new ground is bold.  To break new ground that sounds suspiciously similar to the old ground but for a few key changes and some dodgy new lyrics is bolder still; some might even say reckless.  Don’t expect a rejig or encore of the old track listing, however.  Expected sometime late in 2018 (assuming no production issues), La Sturgeon knows expectations are high.  Her best creative talent has been unleashed in the studio, and it is game on.

That hair. Those hands. The Wishart wit.

Scots music fans are indeed in for a treat.  Here we, here we, here we fucking go.  Again.


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